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Ideas Are Welcomed For The Site! Please Message The New Problems and Inquiries Account If Anything Should Come Up.
Ideas Are Welcomed For The Site! Please Message The New Problems and Inquiries Account If Anything Should Come Up.

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 Small Town of Lakra

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Joyless Priestess Adia


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PostSubject: Small Town of Lakra   Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:49 am

Adia walked through the cold small town of Lakra. It had been a far walk from her home town of Garge but it was exactly what she was looking for. For almost a half hour Adia looked around for a place to sleep for the night until she found Earl's Inn on the opposite side of town. As she walked in a bell above the entryway chimed sending a sound through the first floor of the old broken down inn. A small lady in her sixties or seventies walked out of a room behind the main desk with a smile on her face. It was a great start to her time in Lakra as the old lady was the first person she saw since she had gotten into the town and she was surprisingly nice.

"What can I do for you young lady?"

The old lady said, her wrinkly cheeks moving up as she smiled even harder. As she finished speaking Adia began to smell a faint scent of perfume from the old lady. She may have been old but it seemed as though she took care of herself very well. Adia smiled back at the lady as she moved the bangs from her face, stepping closer to the desk.

"How much is a room for the night?" Adia asked.

"Twenty the first night and five a day after that." The old lady replied.

"Perfect, Ill take it." Adia took out a small pouch from the side of her belt as she opened it and took out twenty silver coins and placed them on the table. The old lady gathered up the coins from the desk and took them in the back, taking a key off of the wall before returning to the desk. The old lady and Adia began walking down a dark hall with windows on one side and rooms on the other, ending at the second to last room. She fidgited with the key as the only light was the moon through the windows. As the old lady opened the creaky door she walked in, taking out a small piece of flint rock and a knife. She made her way to a small candle on a table as she took out a piece of paper with a tip of it wet with kerosene fuel. She used the flint rock and knife to create sparks that fell on to the paper, lighting the small tip. With the tip she put it into the candle, lighting it which illuminated the small studio room.

"Its not much but its better than the other inns in this town."

She walked out closing the door behind her. Adia took the key that the old lady left from the table and walked out, locking the door behind her. As she went to leave the inn she noticed that the woman was nowhere to be found. Adia walked out of the inn and saw in front of her the conveniently placed and awkwardly named Earls Pub. As she walked into the pub she noticed that it was filled with burly shaggy men, most of which were drunks, slamming there mugs of ale together and laughing as they finished ale after ale. Adia sat down on a stool at the bar and ordered herself an ale and began to drink it. Waiting to see if anything interesting would happen.
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Small Town of Lakra
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