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Ideas Are Welcomed For The Site! Please Message The New Problems and Inquiries Account If Anything Should Come Up.
Ideas Are Welcomed For The Site! Please Message The New Problems and Inquiries Account If Anything Should Come Up.

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 The Creation Completed

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PostSubject: The Creation Completed   Thu Jul 09, 2009 3:13 pm

For days Vincent has stood in his lab undergoing countless experiments to created the perfect monster and had managed to create the legendary Dreadmaster which was for a long time now his biggest succession. Yet it was clear that this was not the prime of what was needed in the terms of domination of enemies, he needed to create a breed now stronger and more powerful, more demonic and even more invincible. This is why he started on his creation of a merciless monster that knew only one goal which was the utter annihilation of all that it sees, one that none could stand against using the same properties that was used in the creation of the legendary Dreadmaster. He walked up and down grabbing ingredients and mixing them in a bubbling seal that was suppose to be the art of summoning known as Dark calling. He placed the souls of 100 demon and 100 dragons, 100 otherworlders and 100 sacred chrysalis. This was suppose to be the only offering that he could concoct that was worth the calling of the beast of demies. It was clear now that he needed to make it stronger, faster and even more intellectual. It was meant to be the king of beasts known only by the code name Dreaded Tyranno. The Dreaded beasts were known as sorcery's darkest and most powerful summonings, capable of bringing chaos and almost complete destruction to anywhere that they are called. Vincent knew that if he could harvest the power of these Dreaded monsters, none would be able to stand against him.

"Now..with this I call onto the beast of a thousand beasts, the king of a thousands dragons and the ruler of the plane of divinity..I wish to use the power I hone from thee to vanquish the enemy that stands against me. Behold the call of your caster!...And within the new moon, the god of darkness will give you the power to walk this ground..This I swear."

Vincent smirked and closed his eyes as the smoke from his seal opened a portal that would be the gateway to Asporia's darkest hour. A monster that was said to be so power that the gods themselves forbid it's ritual summoning from even being known, in fear that it should ever be put into practice. Vincent was now about to gain the power to master the Dreaded beasts and was more than prepared to bring these monsters to the surface world. Vincent opened his eyes as he felt the waves of energy now flowing through him. He felt the strength and the wisdom to summon the most powerful of the beasts and soon he was going to unleash a swarm, a swarm of beasts that will bring an end to Cordea, once and for all.

"This is it..now..the end is neigh, there shall be no one that will stop the Lodius..As soon as your reborned my monster..Everything will fall into place..Ha Ha Ahahahahahaha!!!"
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The Creation Completed
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